What does an inspection entail?

We will inspect all the structural elements and mechanical systems of the home to the best of our ability at the time of the inspection. Items that will typically be included in an inspection are the roof, attic, foundation, walls (interior and exterior), electrical system, plumbing system, heating and air conditioning systems, kitchen appliances and sprinkler system.
(Other available services include: Pool and Spa Inspections, Termite/WDI Inspections and Re-inspections after repairs have been completed.

What kind of inspection do i need?

Below is a more detailed list of the types of inspections we perform. Feel free to call us for a free quote on any of our inspections! (Home Inspection fees are based on square footage. No trip charges or age-of-home upcharge)

     A Pre-Purchase Inspection is the most common type of inspection we perform. This will typically be scheduled at the time a contract is executed and allows us the opportunity to inspect your home before closing. A Pre-Purchase Inspection is one of the most important steps in the home buying process. We will be on the property anywhere between 2-4 hours, sometimes more depending on the size, amenities and weather. We typically gauge the inspection time based on 1,000 sqft per hour. During this time we will inspect all of the above listed areas, or any others requested at the time of scheduling, associated with your potential home. We will strive to help you gain an informed, honest and thorough opinion of the condition of your home, prior to closing the deal.

     There are many good reasons to have a professional, third-party inspection performed on a brand new home. (Note – Many builders hire their own inspectors at a discounted rate. Please remember that those inspectors are working to benefit the builder, not the buyer.) Buying a new house is likely one of, if not the largest purchases you’ll ever make. The whole process is riddled with emotion and stress as you await the big reveal. A professional home inspection will substantially reduce the stress in the new home purchase. As well, it just makes sense to learn as much as you can about the quality of your new home before signing off on everything.

     Building a new home is a tremendously complex endeavor. It involves many people, usually split up into sub-contractors, each working on different parts of your home. even for the bests builders, it’s nearly impossible to complete this process without missing something. Maybe it’s a plumbing fixture that didn’t get tested for leaks, the roofing nails and flashing that didn’t get sealed, an electrical breaker or outlet that isn’t working, or any of the dozens of minor problems that can easily be overlooked. We will do the best we can to find such problems while it is still early enough to bring to the attention of the builder to be corrected, BEFORE signing the final papers and start moving in. 

     For the relatively small cost, a professional inspection of your dream home can pay big dividends in peace of mind and problems solved before they become unpleasant surprises.


Wood Destroying Insect Inspections are important for all homes, whether you are looking to buy a home or simply maintaining your current residence. We provide a State Licensed and Regulated WDI Inspection and Report to identify the presence of, or conducive conditions for any Wood Destroying Insects. If you are purchasing a home, most lenders will either require, or like to see a WDI report on the property. Most homes will have dealt with termites, carpenter ants, or some form of wood destroying insect at some point throughout its existence. If it hasn’t yet, it is only a matter of time. While we cannot predict when this will occur or if it has occurred in the past, we will help identify areas of concern and make recommendations to help reduce that risk. Take the time to schedule your WDI inspection/report with us today and help identify and prevent the possible existence of these pests in your home.

     While most of our inspections are performed for the potential buyers, some sellers feel it best to perform an inspection before they put their home on the market. This will give them a chance to address any potential safety hazards or more serious mechanical issues before a deal is made. This will typically make for a smoother transaction and will help prevent moving the closing date after an offer and contract have been made. If you feel that this could be of a benefit for you or your client, please give us a call today to set up an appointment.

A re-inspection is an added bonus for buyers who may have had a pre-purchase inspection that revealed more than they originally imagined. This is an opportunity for us to go back to the property after repairs have been made to ensure they were done, and done correctly. Sometimes the homeowners are just ready to sell the property and make “repairs” that are not adequate to properly fix the issue. With a re-inspection, we can confirm or deny if the repairs have truly been made. At a minimal cost, this is added peace of mind knowing that your requests via contract have actually been completed. (Note – This would normally be scheduled after the original inspection and before final closing.)

INspected areas include:

Driveways, walkways, stairs, patios, retaining walls, grading and drainage adjacent to the foundation; Identifying exterior items that might adversely affect the structure; Windows, doors, exposed areas of the chimney, rain gutters, sprinkler systems and roofing materials.
Walls, structure of the floor(piers, beams and subfloor), ceilings, fireplace, stairs, windows, roof structure and attic insulation, electrical, heating and cooling, plumbing, ventilation and kitchen appliances.

The whole process…

     When buying a home, you should always have a professional home inspection performed. You need to know exactly what you are getting. The professional home inspection will attempt to reveal any hidden problems with the home in order to have them addressed before you close. This is how we can help you make your buying decision easier and more confident. 

     Our inspector(s) will arrive at the property to be inspected and will begin their inspection routine. This routine is important and purposeful as it is designed to help us find more potential deficiencies with the home as opposed to a random, distracted assessment. While at your property, we are committed to doing the BEST and most thorough job we can in the time allotted. 

     We ask that our clients show up toward the latter half of the inspection in order to give our inspectors the appropriate level of focus needed to best evaluate your potential home. However, you are more than welcome to come for the entirety of the inspection if you feel it best.

     After we perform the inspection and finish reviewing on site, we will put together a digital report that will explain what you need to know about your house. Our goal is to help identify any potential areas of concern that would need to be repaired, as well as what routine maintenance tasks you should perform to keep your home in top condition.

     The home inspection can reduce the risk of costly surprises with what is likely to be the largest investment you will make. It helps to make a more informed, comfortable decision. 

Next Steps…

If you feel this is where you are at in the home buying process, we would love to have the opportunity to perform your home inspection for you. Please feel free to call us for more information or to schedule your inspection needs.